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Responsive Web Design to Keep Your Audience Connected on all Devices

As the world is gravitating towards remote work-place environment, setting up functional digital presence can be intimidating, especially for startups with low budget.
Our digital setup service covers, complete website hosting, server maintenance and on-demand troubleshooting to ensure that your site down-time is reduced to the barest minimum, if any.

Creative Contents & Analytics for Business Growth

Today, companies and organizations around the world are leveraging the power of the web to transform business operations and improve decision making strategies. Hence, any serious minded business should not fold their arms.

The challenge though is, hiring content marketing experts and business analysts can be highly expensive for startups, schools and other small and medium scale enterprises.

That’s why we offer affordable and industry-edge content marketing and business analytics service for startups.


Low Setup & Design Cost

We provide easy-to-follow, hands-on, and personalized set-up guides for our clients and customers setting up their websites.

Social Plugins Integration

You only upload once & all your social pages get updated at the same time. This helps you reach your targeted audience with ease.

Business Growth Tools

We utilize CDNs to load pages faster. Our design approach also ensures that all our sites are designed to be mobile friendly.

Site Support & Maintenance

Save time, cost and improve customer’s experience with our virtual tech support, You would not need a FT support engineer.

Pricing & Packages

As you might have known, the internet is the 1st go-to source for finding facts about anything at anytime. Any business or organization without a website is missing out great benefits like: 24/7 online presence, operational cost reduction, social buzz, market expansion, and brand credibility among others. To bring your business to the web, you could get-started using any of our plans: Lean, Solo or Giga. You could also reach out here for a customized plan that suits your exact needs.


₦2,250-$5 /month

Most suitable for emerging startups, small and medium scale businesses just launching out and having little budget.



Most suitable for established startups, businesses with focus on expanding reach and improving service delivery.



Suitable for dedicated support, and additional services for quality

Customers 'n' Clients' Review:

"The web design offer is extremely good. Similarly, I'm impressed by the quality of service and commitment to excellence. I would recommend to everyone."
Victor Oyeks
md - OYEKS chicken
"Built and designed our company site from scratch to finish in 3 weeks. The contents' planning & marketing service is equally invaluable to our SEO hacks."
Elite Analyst
CTO - THE Circumspect
"My employer's website had issue. I called for site support service, and the issue was resolved in a jiffy. We should migrate our website support here soon."
Support - Agape foods