Affordable I.T. Support for Schools, Startups, and SMEs.

You don’t need an expensive full-time Support Engineer to set up and manage your business’ I.T. infrastructure. All that you need might be a remote, flexible and on-demand I.T. Support Services for setting up your site, providing updates and other on-demand maintenance services all at reasonable pricing.

How it works

We build fast & responsive Websites with Hosting, Support & Maintenance Services for our clients.

Harness the power of the web and digital media to transform your business. This way, you can leverage the Internet to reach more customers on different devices while gaining insights into your customers’ needs. The more needs you solve, the closer you are to reaching your business goals.

Why bother about having a Site?

Your key to success lies not only in what you do either as startup, school, or any other small or medium scale businesses. More importantly, every business needs a way of getting across to potential new customers as well as serving existing customers better.

This is the distinguishing factor between businesses that succeeds and  success from failure. Our goal is to help you access I.T. infrastructures (web design, hosting, support and maintenance etc.) to help you grow and achieve your goals. Some of the benefits of owning your own site include:


1. Opportunity to stand out from the Crowd:

A functional website provides you with a personalized platform to reach new customers and also serve your existing customers better. Through your website, you could provide lots of useful tools and resources to get your customers/clients/students engaged and keep them coming back. These help your business stand out from the crowd, drive growth and increase profit turnovers.


2. Opportunity to go global and improve Brand awareness:

Depending on the nature of your organization, your site users could include students, teachers, clients, or customers. However, you could be easily limited to your geographical location based on where your office is located. With a functional website, you can easily reach more audience or customers without changing your present office. This will also improve your brand awareness and help you build customers' trust.


3. Opportunities to unlock greater potentials.

For businesses who decide to leverage on the power of the web, there are limitless possibilities. There exists several opportunities to create more business values and improve overall customers' experience. The more satisfied your customers are, the more fulfilled you will be and the better the growth of your business.

Your Advantages

Why Choose Our Product?


For speed and better UX, we leverage CDNs to deliver site contents from server closest to clients' location.

Easy to use

We work hard to simplify website design and management for our busy and non technical owners.

Real Time

We offer our clients update, and insights about their website's performance in real time.

Search Engine Optimized

The real-work lies in being easily discoverable when new and potential customers requiring your type of service or product conducts a search on popular search engines. This is what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about. We help our clients achieve high Google ranking by implementing appropriate designs, improved content planning and effective content marketing strategies.

We are trusted by many founder-clients and startups alike.

Through our website design, contents’ planning and marketing services, we have helped various clients achieve their goals. Read more about our testimonials here.

For Help & Support

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