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Our Story

In spite of the high popularity of sports, and entertainment; we believe that education remains the best legacy. In addition, statistics have shown that parents spend up to 40% of their income alone, on giving their children or wards quality education. However, the 21st century has brought about change to almost every area of our lives. These include: how we communicate at work, and at home; how we transact businesses with the customers and clients; as well as the methods and processes of acquiring knowledge and skills – which we commonly refer to as Education.

Our Aim

With the challenges of cost, distance, as well as social distractions; the traditional classroom approach to teaching and learning is becoming less productive. Our aim is to provide unequalled access to quality and affordable educational resources, useful information and services that avail students, educators, parents, and organizations the best of education for self growth and corporate development.

How We Started

Edukatif (Educative Guides) was originally conceived as an academic platform leveraging technology to make all forms of educational learning and training opportunities available to all. However, in order to meet the 21st century need for all round sustainable development, we aligned our vision with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals SDGs, Goal No 4 tagged Quality Education. Hence, Edukatif is a social business enterprise with an objective of providing resources aiding increased affordability and accessibility to Quality education at all levels.

Vision and Mission Statement

We have a vision to provide Affordable and Qualitative Education & Career Training Resources, Tools & Opportunities Accessible to All for Personal, Corporate and Societal Growth & Development. To realize our vision, we build capacities and develop human capital potentials through an all – inclusive, accessible and affordable educative studies’ programs and resources as well as hands-on entrepreneurship training workshops and courses for building satisfying careers and improving livelihoods.

Personalized Learning

Enroll courses, study at your own pace and learn from anywhere, and at anytime; at your personal comfort and convenience.

Career Paths

Pursue rewarding educational or entrepreneurial careers following trusted professional guides and mentoring.

Approved Certifications

Build your portfolio and qualifications by earning certificates from several reputable institutions across the globe.

Partners’ Corporate and Social Responsibilities Projects

Inter-school Quizzes and Debate Competitions

Stakeholders’ Training, Seminars and Workshops

Academia-Industry Synergy and Opinion Polls or Surveys

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