My name is Innocent. Thank you for wanting to know more about us. Educative Guides is a blog for everyone out there that shares a passion for doing things rightly. The society is gradually degenerating and only a few are still concerned about ethics and values. Many others just want to get results, caring less about whose ox is gored, in the process. They simply believe that the end justify the means. Yet, this is not necessarily true always.

I believe that students can pass exams without malpractice. Business owners can succeed without cutting corners. Employees can excel while still being committed to their jobs. In fact, unemployed individuals can still find meaningful jobs without engaging shady escapades. All these and many more, are ideals we can all embrace to live worthy lives while also keeping our society sane and safe.

If you find yourself having a concern or desire for doing things in a proper way, you’re in the right place. Our goal is to make it easier for you to do things well without silencing your conscience. Myself and others will strive to provide excellent tips and resources in aiding your quests for rightful, enriching and impactful living. Kindly remember to subscribe to our monthly newsletter, and share any of our contents you find useful with friends and families.

For questions, suggestions or clarifications; please reach out to me at inno@educativeguides.com. Cheers…