The future of Schools and Education in the 21st Century World

In a previous article post, titled “THE ROLE OF EDUCATION IN NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT” we explained what education is: from the old days, till present. Today, we shall have a discourse on “the future of schools and education in our twenty-first century” world. Beyond any reasonable doubt, we understand that a lot of things have changed, […]

Why it’s time for adults to accept that Nigerian teenagers have a digital life

Chikezie Uzuegbunam, University of Cape Town All over the world, the reach of digital technology is growing at an extraordinary rate, even in developing countries. Young people are growing up in an environment ruled by digital devices, the internet and social media. Research evidence indicates that using the internet and other technologies such as video […]

Quality Educational Resources for Students, Schools and the Society

Education: The Best Legacy Many people believe the saying that; Education is the best legacy. We believe this too. Today, the average individual spends about 20-25 years in school (from cradle to college). This is in addition to high cost of tuition, texts, as well as accommodation and living expenses among others. Education: The gateway […]

Mastering Online Courses: Definitive Guide from Zero to Hero

Mastering Online Courses

Mastering Online Courses: Definitive Guide from Zero to Hero Did you know that; dividing learning into short sessions help increase the rate at which knowledge is retained? In a previous post, we shared handy tips for easing boredom, while we also shared on the Role of Education in National Development in another. Our readers were […]

Five Tips to Ease Coronavirus Boredom

Five tips to ease coronavirus boredom Without doubt, the whole world is experiencing a tough time, with the ongoing Covid-192 crises and the mandatory stay-at-home orders. And for many of us, this period is certainly a trying time with several restrictions placed on movements and suspension of activities whereby we earn our livelihoods. Yet, we […]

The Role of Education in National Development

Education and National Development

I trust this meets you well. In today’s post, we shall discuss the role which education plays in the national development of nation states. Below is an outline summarizing the contents covered in the post. You can read about our last post titled: Working, Earning and Learning for Better Livelihoods here. There, we shared useful […]

Man, has undergone many stages of development in a quest to master and maximize several natural forces, and elements over the years. Though, the agricultural, industrial and information revolutions have being the three major revolutions until lately…