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Do you wish to work in a technological oriented 21st century organization? Or do you wish to have flexible working hours with opportunities of working remotely? The modus operandi of our work as well as our organization structure makes it possible to work remotely over the internet. Below are the available openings. Asides these, feel free to contact us about your outstanding skills & abilities, and how you can contribute to realizing our vision as stated in the About Us page. You could be, just the staff we have been looking for. Who knows?

Edukatif comprises committed, focused and vision oriented individuals. Our core philosophy lies in bringing out the best potentials in people through engaging and interactive workplace environment fostering human capital development as well as opportunities for continuing educational pursuits and personal developments. Love to work with us? Simply, reach out to us with your C.V and Cover Letter by mailing to: support@educativeguides.com

Educational Researcher

Are you proficient in conducting researches and sourcing data from reputable sources? Reach out to us via email address, stating your passion, qualifications, and work experience among others.

  • Search Engine Proficiency
  • Past related Jobs done.
  • Proof of Digital Literacy

Graphics Designer

We need a professional graphics designer with experience in graphic design and graphic art industry.

  • To develop overall design layout for our website and social accounts.
  • To develop production design for blog-posts, reports, and publications etc.
Graphics Designer

Website Designer/Developer

We need the service of a versed website designer and developer to help in maintaining and updating our sites.

  • WordPress Proficiency
  • Front & Backend Web development Skills

Contents Writer & Editor

We need an avid contents writer with special attention and excellent proof-reading skill.

  • To develop blog-posts from given topic and keywords.
  • To upload specified contents on website, and moderate comments to posts.
Contents Writer & Editor
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