What are some tips for securing Internships?

How can students increase their chances of securing relevant I.T. placements on time?


  • educative
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    Hi, @innoexcell . Here are few tips for students to secure relevant I.T. placements on time:

    While seeking internship opportunities:

    As a Student;

    1. Begin your search for I.T. placement quite early, as there are usually more students than available positions.
    2. Leverage professional networks like LinkedIn
    3. Consult with senior colleagues and/or faculty staff. They might probably have links with industries or companies where previous students interned.
    4. Check out independent Internship Placements' Platforms like The Circumspect.
    5. Keep an open mind. If you have tried the steps 1 - 4, but still has not secured any relevant placement, please exercise some more patience. At this point, you should consider opportunities for internship without payment or stipends. Let your primary focus be on learning, and acquiring practical insights and understanding of your course of study.

    Getting Started on your Internship:

    After securing a placement:

    1. Remember to set some knowledge and skills expectations before commencing your I.T.
    2. Regularly review what you are learning, most especially by relating it to the theoretical concepts you have studied earlier in school.
    3. Look out for the connecting points, as well as seemingly conflicting areas between Theory (Academic) and Practice (Industry).
    4. Make a note of your questions and observations.
    5. Maximize every opportunity to engage in impactful discussions about your questions and observations.

    Cheers to a successful internship experience.

  • Earnest
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    Wow, thanks for the whole and comprehensive response @educative

    Let me add this... I think looking where most people don't can help. For example, I studied Plant Biology and when it was time for my SIWES, most of my colleagues went to agricultural institutes and ministries... But I went to another higher institution and did my SIWES in the department of Pharmacognosy (Faculty of Pharmacy). Schools also accept SIWES students you know. And trust me, you'll get practical experience because you're most likely to work full-time in their labs or on the field.

    Good luck on finding a good placement @innoexcell😉

  • innoexcell
    edited November 11

    Thanks so much, @educative for your points. They'll surely help me and others who might be seeking internship placements.

    Thanks as well@Earnest, for sharing your personal experience. What exactly do you mean by SIWES? Is it also a form of internship?

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