How do I choose a Good Research Project?

As an undergrad, how do I choose a research or project topic that will help contribute to knowledge and possibly solve a major need in my society?

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  • Elite_Mercy
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    1. You will need to consider area that interest you most.
    2. Where your skills, background knowledge and strengths matches your interest and the needs of your society.
    3. You consider available resources and time factor.


  • educative
    edited November 2021

    Thanks, @Elite_Mercy. You have nailed it in your response. The importance of assessing background knowledge, skills and strengths cannot be overemphasized in choosing the right project topic.

    This does not imply you must know all there is to know about the topic before starting, but it does imply you must know enough to get you started on the project and be well guided in searching for what you may know as you progress.

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