Quantic School of Business and Technology [Rolling Deadline]

Quantic School of Business and Technology is an online graduate school that’s connecting a rigorous MBA education directly to positive career outcomes and a global alumni network.

According to the Quantic Webiste, Quantic offers two highly selective accredited business degrees — the MBA and the Executive MBA. Courses are delivered in the Quantic app on any device in bite-sized, interactive lessons with an accompanying peer learning platform for case studies and group projects. Its innovative business model transfers tuition costs from students to employers who pay a fee to recruit Quantic’s exceptional students.

We do not hold any partnership with, or recognition from Quantic but see their programs as a great fit for those looking to pursue MBA studies with flexibility in program structure and tuition payment models without sacrificing qualitative learning.

Applications are accepted on a rolling deadline for upcoming classes. Interested? You may click here to learn more or apply.

Should you have questions regarding your application or want to learn more about Quantic, their FAQ page is really helpful.

In the meantime, feel free to contribute or share your view about the program in the comments section below.

Cheers, and happy learning.


  • innoexcell
    edited January 8

    Thanks for sharing. I found out that Quantic also offers short business courses tagged Business Foundations for free, after signing up.

    These courses are business-insightful and count towards application consideration for their full MBA program.

    I would definitely recommend to those looking to improve their business acumen.


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