How can I have a successful Engineering Career?

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As most engineering courses are perceived to be challenging and strenuous, how do I prepare myself for a successful career in Engineering?


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    This is an interesting question @innoexcell. Asking the right questions often lead to finding answers that bring solutions to problems. First, career choice requires diligent self-study, disecovery and consideration of a number of other factors. Keep it on.

    Having a successful Engineering Career requires developing some soft skills or qualities right from school. Some of these skills include:

    1. Problem-solving skill and Attention to Details
    2. Resilience and Pressure Handling
    3. Creativite Thinking and Innovation
    4. Exposure to Practical (Hands on) Projects
    5. Communication and Teamwork

    Mastering these skills can help prepare you a for a successful career in Engineering, and even other disciplines. Cheers.

    You may share your thoughts on the skills. Have you tried learning any of them before now? What was the outcome?


  • Thanks for your response. I find the first point: "Problem-solving skill and Attention to Details" quite insightful. Do you have any suggestions on developing my problem-solving skill and/or how to be more attentive to details?

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