Find Relevant and Impactful Industry Partnerships Opportunities


Secure Timely, Relevant and Impactful Internship (Industrial Training) Placements with Ease

Internships provide opportunities for creating lasting and successful professional development connections. We have partnered with The Circumspect to help students find internship placement opportunities on time.

The CIRCUMSPECT Internships Platform

The CIRCUMSPECT does not just help secure to internship placements for students. Their team is equally dedicated to seeing interns through their training process and providing additional support services, including:

1. Access to Personal Portfolio

  • Turn your experiences into a great portfolio - a nice boost for your CV, to ace job interviews.

  • 2. Collaborative Teams

  • Work in groups, become an effective team-player, and learn to lead by serving others.

  • 3. Progress Update/Reporting

  • Create a digital personal learning journal for tracking progress and documenting practical insights.

  • 4. Helping Interns Go The Extra Mile

  • Stand out from your peers by learning the value of excellence and how to apply it to every task.

  • 5. Forming Meaningful Connections

  • Understand how to create and nurture meaningful relationships at work.

  • 6. Bridging the Gap

  • Learn to find the connecting points between class theory and industry practice.

  • More About The Circumspect

    The Circumspect provides a unique onboarding process for Students and Employers. Employers looking for interns may register here to be matched with the most qualified students.

    The Circumpsect's team works diligently to ensure that students find the most appropriate industrial placement early enough. Their aim is to help students leverage relevant practical training exposure and experiences, to further consolidate the theoretical knowledge they have acquire in school.

    Any sign-up fee?

    Currently, registration on the website is free. Students are encouraged to signup early to allow for adequate time in matching them with the right or most appropriate industry/organization.

    Students may sign up here

    For feedbacks

    Kindly send your inquiry to

    More Industry Partnerships Opportunities' Updates coming soon...

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