Education: The Best Legacy

Many people believe the saying that; Education is the best legacy. We believe this too. Today, the average individual spends about 20-25 years in school (from cradle to college). This is in addition to high cost of tuition, texts, as well as accommodation and living expenses among others.

Education: The gateway to knowledge

Truly, education provides us organized systems for acquiring knowledge in various fields of human endeavors. Ranging from Arts, to Sciences and Engineering disciplines; education proffers diverse predefined career paths. Indeed, education plays a significant role in our society; both for personal growth and public development.

Education: A tool for personal development

While education helps in training the mind and developing intellect; it also provides opportunities for honing innate gifts and talents. This explains why education is considered as a high-priority sector in many countries of the world.

Subsequently, the age-long quest for schooling, educational development projects and initiatives, among several developed and developing countries.

Little wonder, the impact of education on human and societal development over the years continues to affirm that;
education is the best legacy, still.

Challenges and Hindrances to Quality Education

Unfortunately, not many countries, educational institutes, and students, could be said to be maximizing education. This, is especially true of many developing countries where several challenges such as unaffordable tuition, distant location to schools, gender-biases, learners’ disadvantaged-age or even, health-impediments, remain prevalent.

Educative Guides: A ray of hope

Thinking about the solution to these challenges? We created Educative Guides:

  • to provide students with access to useful educational resources including personalized mentoring, scholarships and online learning opportunities.
  • to provide schools with comprehensive and overarching curriculum development, review and revision; across higher education institutions.
  • to provide society with catalogue of credible and reliable academia surveys, opinion polls and industry researches for informed educational decision-making.

We shall be updating our site regularly with various contents including articles, tutorials and tips by which students can maximize their learning experience, build livable careers and ultimately lead better lives.

We hope that as you go through the resources on this site, you will be able to find various information that will help in making your educational dreams and pursuit a reality, whether you are a student, school owner or society representative.

Watch out for subsequent posts filled with educational contents and resources you don’t want to miss. To stay in the know, kindly subscribe to our mailing lists.

To sum it up, we serve to educate you the right way through: educational mentoring, curriculum development, academia research and scholarships and online learning opportunities.

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